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Welcome to 'OUR_worldofwood'.

'O_wow' is a little woodwork company based in the New Forest, Hampshire.

So, why 'O_wow'?

Well firstly, it’s really great to say! (don't you think?!)


It’s also an acronym for ‘Our.World.Of.Wood’, which is where my passion lies; now, let me tell you a little story.

It began back in 2017, when Alistair (Owner @ 'O_wow') started his independent woodworking business, creating unique furniture designs inspired by geometric shapes and patterns using repurposed materials.

In the years since, Alistair honed his craft and product range as the business evolved organically to become 'O_wow' - 'OUR_worldofwood'. 

At ‘O_wow’, the focus is on design, sustainability and our environment; Our World is important to us and to our little ones. By creating natural, wooden furniture, toys and learning resources for children to use in their “little” world, we aim to encourage open-ended, imaginative play and develop their cognitive skills to prepare them for OUR World.  

But, why a 'World of wood'?

Wood is the natural material of choice for all of O_wow's products, but not just any wood... the primary wood stock is locally-sourced, premium quality, solid wood worktop off-cuts.

By working closely with a local supplier and using sustainably-sourced materials, I hope to reduce the impact on the environment by eliminating product waste wherever possible.

Each of Our products have been lovingly hand-crafted using responsibly sourced and FSC Certified materials; shipped in biodegradable, eco-friendly, recyclable packaging. 

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