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Door Stop

Door Stop


Do you have a door that creaks in a light breeze? Is there a door handle that keeps knocking & chipping away at the wall? Maybe you're just tired of walking through the same old doorway and dreaming of a way to add a little "pizazz" as you enter the room..?


Well... O_wow has the solution for you!


Door Stops!


These sleek & stylish wedges of alternating wood stripes are the answer to all three questions above.


Each of O_wow's Door Stops comes complete with a little vegetable tanned leather loop for ease of removing and repositioning.


Product Dimensions :


L : 14 cm (approx.)

H : 2.2 cm (approx.)

W : 4 cm (approx.)


Due to the use of natural materials; wood tones, colours and textures may vary slightly from the images.


Treated with an eco-friendly, natural wood wax finish to protect from any dirt, dust & liquids.

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