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Maple & Zebrano - 'Hot Air Balloon' Hanger

Maple & Zebrano - 'Hot Air Balloon' Hanger


Up, up, and away!


The Maple & Zebrano 'Hot Air Balloon' Hanger is a beautifully hand-crafted decorative hanging ornament, perfect to display in any living space.


It features 100% sustainably sourced, natural materials with contrasting light and dark wood quadrants to create a striking pattern, providing a colourful & mesmerising display as it rotates or sways in the wind.


Complete with a little hexagonal basket hanging underneath.


Supplied with a 1 Metre length of thread for suspending.


Hanger (Hot Air Balloon) Dimensions :

H : 14cm (approx.)

W : 8 cm (approx.)


Due to the use of natural materials; wood tones, colours and textures may vary slightly from the images.


**PLEASE NOTE : This is not a toy**

Keep out of reach of little hands!

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