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Introducing the ‘MegaDrops’.


These super-sized Droplets are the latest inhabitants released in to OUR_worldofwood and they’re the most striking characters yet!


Choose from four beautiful contrasting wood variations; with each MegaDrop hand-made to order from a mix of Maple, Black Oak, Walnut & Zebrano.


An incredibly tactile object - suitable for hands of all sizes, these giant wooden dolls have minimal facial features which makes them a super versatile character for children to explore their emotions with and look great on display when not in use.


Product Dimensions :

H : 105 mm (approx.)

W : 48 mm (approx.)


All ‘MegaDrops’ are treated with a natural, eco-friendly, child safe finish, which protects against dirt, dust and liquids.


Due to the use of natural materials, wood tones, colours & textures may vary slightly.


All products are handmade to order!

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