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Montessori Play Kitchen

Montessori Play Kitchen


**CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK - Please 'Contact' with any questions/requests.**


The full 'Montessori Kitchen' range is designed with your little ones in mind; to help with their growth through creativity, exploration and independence.


With a focus on Sustainability, Fuctionality and Style, the Kitchen provides an excellent tool to develop children's skills and encourage their independence through active learning, a fundamental of the Montessori learning ethos.


Made from natural materials, all of the products available offer a tactile sensory experience whilst maintaining the eco-friendly, environmentally conscious vision here at 'O_wow'.


All of the Montessori Kitchens are provided with two sets of removable Feet/Legs (4cm AND 7cm), which means that they can grow when your little one grows.


(Please see 'Product Dimensions' below for more details).



Included with the Kitchen : 


3 Litre Water Dispenser.

25 cm diameter Enamel Mixing Bowl/Basin.

Set of 4 cm Legs.

Set of 7 cm Legs.


Please note: 


'Tiny House - Shelf' or 'Tiny House - Hook' is NOT included in the 'Kitchen Only' option, but available as an "Add-on" for a reduced cost.

  • Key Features

    Three 'Tiny House - Hooks' are fixed to the side, an ideal solution for hanging cloths, towels and bags.


    The included Water Dispenser and removable Enamel Mixing Bowl provide an area where your child is encouraged to explore their independence in the kitchen; they can pour their own drinks, wash their hands and plates/utensils.


    Underneath the "sink area" is a magnetised drop-down door where you will find an in-built rack, suitable for drying their utensils or space to store kitchen items. 


    A sliding drawer beneath offers an alternative motion for your child to develop their fine motor skills, more storage for loose items and comes complete with 'stoppers' to prevent the drawer being fully removed.


    The middle section features a full-height door with embedded magnets which act as a latch, ensuring the door does not swing open. Inside is the perfect storage space for bowls, plates, chopping boards etc.


    The right-hand section consists of two open shelves for easier access, here they can keep items they may use more frequently.  

  • Product Dimensions

    Full Product Dimensions:


    Height : Approx. 43.5 cm (No Legs attached)

    Length : Approx. 98 cm

    Depth : Approx. 40 cm


    3 Height Options (with included Legs).


    No Legs - (Approx. 43.5 cm)           

    4 cm Legs - (Approx. 47.5 cm)

    7 cm Legs - (Approx. 51.5 cm)

  • Product Materials

    All Kitchens are hand-made using FSC Certified Birch plywood.


    All inlay patterns are created using locally sourced premium grade, solid wood worktop off-cuts to reduce waste and prevent the impact of discarded materials on our environment.


    The Kitchens are treated with Osmo's eco-friendly range of Food Safe, water and dirt resitant wood wax oils.


    Due to the nature of natural materials; wood tones, grains and colours may vary slightly.

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